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South Africa’s best scuba diving sites
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Scuba Diving KwaZulu-Natal

Scuba Diving

All our Scuba dive tours and packages are to dive sites on South Africa’s east coast. A subtropical stretch of Indian Ocean coastline on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Dive conditions vary between the sites and also seasons. Visibility varies between 5 to 40 meters, with a summer water temperature of 24+ degrees Celsius; winter not colder than 19 degrees Celsius. Various dive and dive/Safari packages are available.

Diving safari including dive sites and wildlife safaris in the Kruger and Hluhluwe - Umfolozi Game Parks. Also St Lucia Isimangaliso Wetland Park and current packages include the KwaZulu-Natal battlefields sites.

Exhilarating and impressive South Africa dive encounters on any of the sites as listed below.

Scuba Diving Sodwana Bay

Sodwana Bay - St Lucia

Outstanding Visibility in the dive sites of Sodwana Bay.

Within the boundaries of the protected marine reserve of Isimangaliso Wetland Park, St Lucia. Sodwana Bay provides the diver with a vast display of well preserved reefs as well as plentiful marine life and ocean landscape options. The warm Agulhas current that flows down the coast allows the world’s most southern tropical reefs off Sodwana bay to flourish, and water seldom drops below 20 degrees C, summer or winter.

The reefs at Sodwana are named after the distance from the launch site, starting from 2 mile going up to 9 mile. The most scenic is 7 mile which on a good day compares with the best reefs in the world, comprising of drop-offs and mushroom-shaped pinnacles. Turtles and rays are sighted often, along with a huge variety of reef fish. The dive operators based at Sodwana have all the necessary facilities and equipment that you will need to experience this underwater paradise. 

Aliwal Shoal:

Experience the thrill of diving with the ragged-tooth sharks on the Aliwal Shoal

Lying 4kms off the Umkomaas coast is a fossilized sand dune of sponges, and soft and hard corals. Aliwal shoal is rated as one of the top ten dive sites in the world. The shoal is best known for the big stuff , including bottlenose dolphins, Turtles, manta rays, giant Brindle Bass, game fish and both ragged-tooth and tiger sharks. Other sharks including Dusky Sharks and Bronze Whaler Sharks can be found, however are not as common as was in the past.

Divers from all over the world come to experience the thrill of diving with the ragged-tooth sharks while on the Aliwal Shoal during their breeding. The one-and-a-half kilometer long and one-kilometer wide reef was named after a three-mast vessel; "Aliwal" which sailed from London is September in 1849 and was nearly wrecked there. But some vessels were not that lucky and in May 1884, the steamer "Nebo" was wrecked on this reef and in 1994, the Norwegian tanker, the "Produce". The wrecks of the "Nebo" and "Produce" are now favorite dive sites. The only negative in diving on the Aliwal Shoal is the occasional period of poor visibility and strong currents.

Protea Banks

Of the top shark and game fish dives in the world.

Situated 8 km off Shelly Beach with depths ranging between 27m and 40m. With a 1.5 hours down the South Coast from Durban. Regarded as one of the top shark and game fish dives in the world, definitely for the serious diver and adventure seeker. The reef is 6km long and 800m wide and incorporates a range of caves, pinnacles, ridges and amphitheaters. This is a must for experienced divers (advanced only) and diver should have done at minimum of 20 dives, including drift dives.

At its best in autumn and winter, providing calm seas and excellent visibility. Other times of the year the current can get up to 5 knots with visibility varying from 5 to 40 meters. Protea Banks is certainly a better option to Cage diving, being able to dive with Tiger, Ragged Tooth, Zambezi and Hammerhead Sharks with NO cage. Occasionally Bronze whalers, White Tips, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Coppers, Duskies Sand and Great White are found on Protea Banks, however this is becoming rarer.

It is common in recent times to not have shark encounters on all dives, however if you are patient you will be pleased with an experience that few dive sites anywhere in the world can match. Protea Banks is adventure diving at its best.

Rocky Bay:

For advanced divers only.

A group of reefs lying between two and four kilometers off Rocky Bay and at a depth of twenty to forty meters. Rocky Bay is therefore also only for advanced divers. Located 10 minutes down the coast from the Aliwal Shoal. Dive sites off Rocky Bay include: Butchers Reef - With an average depth of between 18 - 25 meters Cowry Reef - With an average depth of between 19 - 25 meters Finger Reef - With an average depth of between – 22 - 35 meters Landers - With an average depth of between 21 - 32 meters Outside Landers - With an average depth of between 20 - 28 meters Umzamai wall - With an average depth of between 23 - 39 meters

Tailor made scuba diving adventures with a wildlife safaris.

Ocean/sea Safaris – boat based whale and dolphin watching. Also the sharks, seabirds and other marine life that may be encountered.

We offer a total South Africa experience, from any of our tours and packages, ultimate tailor made scuba diving adventures and African wildlife safaris. Various scuba dive and dive/Safari packages are available, including all dive sites and wildlife safaris in the Kruger and Hluhluwe - Umfolozi Game Parks. Also St Lucia Isimangaliso Wetland Park and current packages include the KwaZulu-Natal battlefields sites.

Ekala Eco Tours use experienced, qualified and registered guides - not drivers only.

Dive packages are available on – our packages page – however these packages can be designed exclusively for your requirements.

Scuba Requirements before diving

Please note that all divers are required to provide their dive card and Logbook before diving.

A diver who has not dived in the past 12 months will be required to complete the Scuba Review and refresher course before diving.

A medical certificate stating - fit to dive without restriction may also be required.

Medical insurance while in South Africa is advised. DAN is also advised. All these items will need to be supplied before booking a scuba tour.

All training including refresher course can be included in a dive package if required.

We offer a variety of courses including open water scuba, advanced and specialty courses. All courses are done on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast by excellent scuba diving instructors.

We only partner with PADI dive centers offering the best training with a low ratio of students to instructors.

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